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We are working tirelessly on new streaming offerings on Twitch, which we regularly post in our schedule. What starts how and when and which games we’ll be playing with our community, you will learn there.

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Overwatch on the PS4

Overwatch is THE comic shooter! Choose between different heroes and game modes to play in classic deathmatches, site control or successful escorting.

The game appeared as a cross-platform title in 2016 for the PlayStation 4, XBox One and the PC. It has developed into the most active game by Blizzard with more than 35 million players.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Platform: Xbox One | YouTube trailer

2029: Augmented people are persecuted and marginalized. With Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (one of the most powerful action role-playing games), reveal the true identity of the “Illuminati” and fight or sneak your way to the truth.

In this cyberpunk scenario, we have many solutions and action options at our disposal, but they also have far-reaching consequences – will we make the right decisions?

Half-Life and Black Mesa

Platform: PC | YouTube trailer

In Black Mesa, we once again jump into the orange protective suit of the brilliant scientist Gordon Freeman, who embarks on an adventurous journey inside and outside the Black Mesa Research Facility.

“Half-Life” was the reference title of his genre on his release in 1998. No ten years later, an early fan project was followed by the tattered new production “Black Mesa”, which has since enjoyed great popularity (as has the original).

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Platform: Xbox One | YouTube trailer

Start an epic adventure in Mass Effect: Andromeda with us and become a Pathfinder, who has to find out which hero he wants to become and then save the universe afterwards. Together we steer the Nomad across foreign worlds and the Tempest through the galaxy.

Breathless space exploration, a wild Turian, infinite dialogue trees and battles against a vicious enemy await you – will your Squad be strong enough?

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Platform: PlayStation 4 | YouTube trailer

One year after the events from the first game, we once again swing the pickaxe with Lara in “Rise of the Tomb Raider” and embark on a dangerous and adventures trip.

This time with secret graves and organizations, various side missions, soothing massacres, medieval weapons, lots of treasures, sightseeing in Siberia, cool glacial excursions, Mongolian troops. Can you become a survivor and save the world? No pressure!

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane

Platform: PlayStation 4 | YouTube trailer

Rutabaga! Swirl and jump through the crazy worlds of the “Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy”, with the crazy bandicoot Crash, his sister Coco and their protector spirit Aku-Aku.

Sony’s flagship Jump-and-Run already set standards on the PlayStation 1 back in 1996, and returned in 2017 as a detail-loving remastered collection and lets us relive the tricky boss battles and crazy action in front of the local telly. A must for all fans and this time in HD!

Dead Space 3

Platform: Xbox 360 | YouTube trailer

No other game has shaped the survival horror as much as the “Dead Space” universe. In the third and currently final installment of the third-person shooter, we’re looking forward to join Isaac Clarke on his search for his beloved Ellie on an abandoned and mysterious ice planet.

Bloody brawls with the deadly necromorphers and members of the Unitology cult, clever workbench tinkering and an incredible ammo management await you in this science fiction game.