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The infinite Teamplay of drawinkpaper

Infinite Teamplay

The two creative heads behind drawinkpaper are Tobi and Phil, both born in ’84, who are comic lovers and enthusiastic gamers of the first hour. Tobi holds a pen as long as he remembers, while Phil experienced his first programming attempts and games on the C64.

On their way to become graphic designers, they became good buddies and are now developing their own Webcomics on games, everyday situations and Collabs. In addition to their hobbies, Tobi is working as a graphic designer in Vienna, Austria and Phil as a Communication Manager in Berlin, Germany.

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For our games and project work, we have created two well-stocked music lists on Spotify. Just stop by and follow the playlists, they should also make your everyday life a little sunnier.

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On Discord, we can chat with each other in groups or private channels, talk over a headset or exchange ideas for future Webcomics and games. Just visit the different channels of our server or make yourself comfortable in the entrance area.

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Teamplay with Steam

For fans of classic communities, we also have set up a Steam group. Here we primarily invite to common games such as Half-Life, Counter-Strike 1.6 or Black Mesa. Join the multiplayer and show us who’s boss in Deathmatch!

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PSN and Xbox Live

As consoleros you will find us (Tobington81 and phlstr) on both sides of the force. Whether on the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live: send us a friend request via the respective network and off we go to competitive or cooperative gameplay. Simple as that.

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The excellent Progress of drawinkpaper


When Tobi started his education at the Berlin Technical Art School (BTK) in 2005, he soon met Phil and both quickly realized that they shared the same passion for comics and video games. During this time, they developed ideas for a platform on which their interests could be developed into a large connected universe.

Back in 2008, Tobi discovered the world of Let’s Plays in his spare time. Enthusiastically, he published the first drawings and game videos, such as Dead Space and Fable 2, on the Xbox 360 under the pseudonym “drawinkpaper”. Under this alias, he later developed several Webcomics where characters from different games, movies and books clashed with each other.

After Phil was introduced to the Commodore 64 (C64) through his brother in the early ‘90s, he started to get tempted by computers and programming languages. A short time later he moved on from the “bread box”, the Datasette and the floppy drive to the original PlayStation and ended up finding his great passion for the Internet and its developments, such as the different web designs and user interfaces.

After graduating as a communication designer in 2009, he threw himself into the business of self-employment, which ultimately led him through various advertising agencies in Berlin. At drawinkpaper, the further development and maintenance of the website and the brand as well as general marketing are his tasks.

The legendary History of drawinkpaper


Tobi – When the video game “Super Mario Bros.” for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) flickered on his television for the first time in his childhood, Tobi was instantly thrilled with the digital worlds that opened up before him. Many hours with the famous plumber followed and the curiosity for new adventures grew.

A couple of years later however, he switched from the NES to the 16-bit Sega Mega Drive, as Sonic, the fast hedgehog with the red shoes, immediately catched his attention. After several epic battles against the evil Dr. Robotnik in various Sonic sequels, Tobi quickly expanded his small collection of games with “Street Fighter 2 Turbo”, “Batman Returns” and at that time the for him breathtaking “The Story of Thor” (“Beyond Oasis”).

Over the years, further platform changes followed, encompassing the Super Nintendo, the Sega Saturn and Sony’s original PlayStation. Soon after, however, he bought himself the first PC and games like “Doom 3”, “No One Lives Forever” and “Command and Conquer” quickly became Tobi’s favorite games. After playing “Gears of War” with a good friend on the XBox 360 for the first time however, it was clear that this would become his new main console.

Series such as “Assassin’s Creed”, “Dead Space”, “Gears of War” and “Mass Effect” turned a lot nights into days and the at this time new achievement system thrilled Tobi more and more over the years. In addition, with the two games “Dead Space” and “Darksiders” he discovered his enthusiasm for higher and more challenging levels of difficulties.

In 2008, under the name “drawinkpaper”, he launched his Youtube channel as a Let’s Player and released first videos about his favorite games. Soon, various comics about video games were published under the same pseudonym and were later expanded by categories such as Dailies and Collaborations.

In order to discover as many ingame worlds as possible, Tobi’s console setup now consists of the PlayStation 3 and 4 and the XBox 360 and XBox One.

Positions: CEO, CIO, COO, CHO

Phil – Thanks to his brother, Phil was able to discover the first computer games on the C64. After the action games “The Last Ninja”, “X-Out” or “Turrican II” the way was also paved for the point-and-click adventures “Monkey Island” and “Zak McKracken”. In addition, software packages, graphics and music demos offered a creative scope for pixel art and technical drawings.

On the original PlayStation, the video game series “Tekken”, “Wipeout”, “Command & Conquer” and “Crash Bandicoot” fired up his disc drive and reached their graphic zenith with “Gran Turismo”, “Metal Gear Solid I” and “Final Fantasy VII “.

Years later, Phil visited the first network cafés with his friends where he came in contact with the first-person shooter genre. Having turned his back on role-play and racing games, he proved himself with buddy Gordon and his crossbow in “Half-Life,” the railgun in “Quake III” and Miss Redeemer, along with their Mo-Mo-Mo Monster Kill-Kill Kills in “Unreal Tournament”. Nevertheless, only a small and unofficial half-life modification named “Counter-Strike” (CS) really got his attention in the end.

After his new favorite game outgrew its beta shoes and finally saw the light of day as the official sales version 1.0, first game sessions on the domestic ISDN line in the Clanbase and Electronic Sports League (ESL, formerly ESPL) online began. From this point on, he watched the international clan scene with great interest and wrote the first individual game configurations. In early 2000, in addition to own UI themes and map packs, highly competitive 5on5 placement in the Top 100 of the ESL Amateur Series (EAS) followed.

Eventually, the storm and stress period began with perfected clan sites and professional team start-ups that gave him the greatest pleasure in organizing and developing new tactics and web designs. In 2005, the graphic design displaced the top dog “Counter-Strike”. From 2011 to 2014 it was all about the Alliance in “World of Warcraft”. Here various Guilds and Realms were build over time, until in 2015 there was a transition from the PC to the PlayStation 4.

Positions: CMO, CBO, CDO, CTO