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We love comics and video games! Thus we draw Webcomics for our most favorite games on the PC, the XBox One / 360 or the PlayStation 4 / 3. Experience new adventures with us in Mass Effect, FarCry and much more!

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We also include classic standard situations in our Webomics. With our Daily-Comics, we focus on everyday life and draw familiar and chaotic moments that arise in our lives.

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Find out what’s up with our monthly comic collabs, how they work, and learn more about collaborating with other nationwide talented artists and illustrators.

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What are Webcomics?

Webcomics are digitally drawn comics on the computer, smartphone or tablet. One of the first webcomics was created in 1995.

Web comics are created in different ways. On the one hand, they can be created and stored as a typical image graphic (usually as a JPG or PNG file), on the other hand as a vector graphic.

With the help of vectors, a loss of quality can be ruled out and (up-) scaled at will. Subsequent editing of a webcomic would not cause any problems on this way. Pixel graphics, on the other hand, are created (as the name already suggests) with pixels that can also be finely drawn. But in this case the maximum desired dimension should be kept in order to avoid quality losses.

Nowadays, webcomics can be found in social media, on websites and in private blogs, but few artists can live on digital comics and devote themselves entirely to their stories or sequels. Nevertheless, there are several options for monetizing webcomics.

High-reach crowdfunding platforms and other web services provide opportunities to financially support media professionals, providing the time needed to further develop the character style and continue open web comic stories.

Furthermore, a webcomic merchandise offers additional revenue streams. Once the right web shop (or shop provider) is found, motifs and all kinds of illustrations (drawings) can be offered there and printed on textiles and other fan articles, such as cups or mouse pads.

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