We love Webcomics and Games

drawinkpaper – We love Webcomics and Games

Drawings and Gaming

Greetings and welcome to your new platforms for Webcomics and games. Additional to our drawings, we write various articles on our blog and stream various games from the XBox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC on Twitch.

If you can’t find us ingame, we are probably creating new character designs or drawings for our Webcomics. Most of the time our favorite games and their heroes are in focus, but also contract works are an important part of our daily schedule.

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Twitch Designer wanted?

Video games and comics have been inspiring us since the very beginning and also serve as a source for new ideas. As communication designers, it is a good thing for us to recognize new trends and use them efficiently for our work. In addition to clean final artworks, new design handling and its integration are also required to achieve the best results.

With our Twitch Design templates, we want to create authentic twitch designs, give brands the space to unfold and empower them with modern appearances. Whether gamification or low-barrier interfaces – we place attractive touchpoints in all application areas – even along the customer journey, right up to the actual conversion.

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