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Webcomics 2017 zu Spielen auf der XBox, PlayStation und dem PC auf!


We love comics and videogames! Therefore we draw webcomics to our beloved games on the PC, the XBox 360 and One or the PlayStation 3 and 4. Experience new adventures in Mass Effect, FarCry and much more.

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Webcomics 2017 zu Daily-Comics aus dem Alltag auf!


We have also included classic everyday life situations into our comics. In our Daily-Comics section on this page we are celebrating known and chaotic moments, that everyone at least has witnessed once or twice in his life.

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Webcomics 2017 zu Fantasy-Comics aus unserer Comic-Seria Razzock und Saphee auf!

Razzock and Saphee

Witness the exciting adventures of a proud but grumpy paladin named Razzock and the chaotic but amiable mage Saphee. Both have teamed up to challenge many dangers together. Will they survive to see another day?

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Webcomics 2017 zu Comic Collabs 2017, Comic-Kollaborationen und mehr zur Zusammenarbeit mit anderen Comic-Künstlern in 2017 und mehr auf!


What are Comic-Collaborations? How do they work and what are they even about? Find out more about how we work together with various nationwide talented comic artists and illustrators to realize connected stories and adventures.

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drawinkpaper mit neuen Webcomics, Comic-Tutorials, bekannten, neuen und kommenden Games auf der XBox One, PlayStation 4, PS3, Xbox 360 und dem PC!

Join us, when we either play games on the XBox One and PlayStation 4 on the hardest difficulty setting, with our friends or draw something.

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Webcomics created by drawinkpaper

For many years now, Tobi has been drawing comics and not just on paper. Over the past eight years, our team has slowly but certainly left its mark on the web and brought new webcomics to the screens.

Even if our platform first saw the light of day in 2014, the project idea for drawinkpaper has been developed somewhere around 2008. Gradually, we have collected all of our ideas and bundled and evolved them to the current state.

With our webcomics we want to make your everyday life a little bit more funnier and further more offer you the opportunity to become a part of our stories. With your feedback, comments and support, you can also win unique appearances in our current webcomics in 2017. And if this wouldn’t be enough already, occasionaly there are special comic competitions for all the fans of our work.

Especially for the daily situations and hurdles in life, we have created the Daily-Comics. Even if they do not always appear to be daily, we often experience comic-worthy moments and publish them here for you in a shortened form.

About us

drawinkpaper was created by and for fans of comics and games. The two initiators, Tobi and Phil, have met during their common training period in Berlin and are now combining their knowledge and excitement for comics and games.

Inspired by outstanding contents they both publish various cross-platform short stories and webcomics on

This includes stories of everyday life in form of our Daily-Comics, scribbles to new comic ideas, new collaborations (Comic-Collab) with other various talented comic artists and illustrators and activities on social media platforms to communicate with their fans. Through the use of livestreams on Twitch they are able to play with their followers and create useful videos on the subject comics.

Are you curious? Then browse through our versatile categories and find out more about the newest webcomics from drawinkpaper! If you like, you can also leave us some feedback in form of a comment or via email.