Game-Comics and more

Comics created by drawinkpaper

We love comics and videogames! That is the reason why we are drawing short stories of special experiences which we are having with our favorite videogames from different platforms such as the computer, XBOX or Playstation. But there are also various situations in our daily life that give us amusing ideas for new comics.



Game-Comics – and a lot more. If you like videogames and/or movies, these comics are the perfect choice for you. You are curious about crazy adventures of your favorite characters from Mass Effect, FarCry, God of War, The Last of Us, InFamous, World of Warcraft and many more? Then click here to explore their adventures.



Everyday life – in its funniest form. Sleeping on the couch while there is important stuff needed to be finished or trying to avoid workout. All these little amusing or way to chaotic events of everyone’s normal life… right? Click here to find out more.


Razzock and Saphee

Experience exciting stuff – with Razzock and Saphee. The story about a proud and grumpy paladin and a very chaotic but amiable mage. Their destination: exciting adventures or at least witness the next morning! Why we’re being so dramatic? Click here to find out.